Why donate

Running a small IRC network costs a lot of money each month and the costs have increased since we started.

We pay for the servers mostly out of our own pocket but we need your help.

By donating you reduce the burden on us and allow us to expand to better equipment.

How do I donate?

We currently only accept donations via PayPal. To donate use the PayPal button below or send your donation to the address on the PayPal website

Can I donate a server?

Due to the logistical challenges we are currently unable to accept donated servers.

Are there any perks?

We feel that you should get something back for donating so we have created a few perks for donators.

  • A custom vHost (instead of
  • A custom BotServ bot for your channel
  • YouBot will be available on a channel of your choice (dns lookup, time and more)
  • For $2 a month you can have your channel featured in the MOTD