San Andreas IRC Network Donate

Why donate?

Running a small IRC network costs a lot of money. And the costs have increased significantly since we started.

We pay out of our own pocket to keep the servers online.

By donating you reduce the burden on us to pay using our own money, which will guarantee that the servers are online next month.

How do I donate?

The only way of donating currently is through our PayPal button below.

If you are unable to donate via PayPal you may be able to use another method by private messaging you10.

Can I donate a server?

We only accept server donations from trusted members. A private message should be sent to you10 to get more details and to know if you are eligible.

Donated servers need to have stable networking (including DDoS protection if possible) and must be allowed by the network providing the server.

Donating a server does not guarantee that you will be given a staff position.

Are there any perks?

As a donator you get a few perks (some perks require a monthly donation).

  • Custom vHost (instead of
  • 1 Custom BotServ Bot
  • YouBot on your channel (dns lookup, time and more)
  • For $2 a month you can have your channel in the MOTD