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About us

The San Andreas IRC Network was started on the 4th of March 2012. At first it was only a place for some friends to hang out (you10, logoster, MrEdinLaw, Fuet, CoolMAN2) but quickly grew.

In July another server was linked provided by qjqqyy and by November the network had over 50 concurrent users on 3 servers.

During 2013 the network continued to grow and a hub server was purchased to increase the stability of the services.

During 2014 the network suffered many DDoS attacks but we fought back and upgraded our defences. And in October the services were upgraded to Anope 2.0

2015 was a quiet year for the network. Many old users left us but many new users joined us. We continued to upgrade the network infrastructure includng a new datacenter for Venus and new DDoS protection for Earth and Sun.

In 2016 we unfortunately lost one of our servers and the network was reduced to 2 client facing servers. And with most of the staff taking leave to get on with their lives the network slowely decreased in size.

It's now 2017. Nobody could have predicted the success of the network but it's all thanks to you guys, the users, who use our network everyday. You make it a very unique place to be and we hope to keep this service running indefinitely.